In a culture that has a narrow definition of what “work” is, it takes guts to build a creative life or strike out on your own and start a new business.

You generate ideas, experiment, and risk rejection regularly.
You think in unconventional ways.
You trust intuition and creative process.

Sometimes, you may also feel like giving up.

Mining your experience for material is an emotionally demanding practice, even on a good day. You may be balancing creative pursuits or a new business with a day job that provides stability, and you feel wiped out at the end of the day.

I provide both ongoing therapy and short term consultation.

Ongoing Therapy

Ongoing therapy involves regular visits over a period of time and is best for working through anxiety, trauma, life transitions, shifting identity, and making meaning of experiences. Therapy is good for any project requiring a deep dive and sustained focus. 


Consultation is a shorter term process with a laser focus and is useful when you feel stuck on a project, have an idea you would like to develop, or need to gain clarity. It can also be useful in developing an artist statement or vision statement.

Consultation usually involves 1-3 sessions and may include some time to review written material, images, etc. ahead of time.

Set up a free phone consultation to discuss specifics and determine what works best for your situation.