Sometimes we come to points in our lives where the stories we’ve been living about who we are and how our lives are supposed to unfold no longer fit.

Sometimes this happens because of a loss or major life event. Sometimes it’s just part of getting older. Sometimes what was working well for a long time suddenly no longer works, and we can’t really pinpoint why.

I collaborate with people in developing new frameworks that can support them as they figure out where to go next.

Recovering from Trauma

It feels like your life will never be normal.

You may have a distinct sense what changed. Someone you love died, you experienced violence, or had a life threatening illness.

If you were traumatized in childhood, you may be feeling marked in some way, like you’re a magnet for people with bad intentions. Perhaps you feel empty, incomplete, or less than a full human person.

I help clients to look at how trauma has affected their sense of self and and what seems possible in life, then to figure out how to move forward.