Connection is what life is all about.

When our important relationships aren’t working, everything suffers.

Yet, if you’re in a relationship that is unconventional in some way, it can be that much harder to reach out for help, for fear your relationships will be criticized, or you’ll be made to feel that you or your loved ones are the problem.


John & Julie Gottman conducted a famous long term study to determine what makes some marriages sustainable and others not. They discovered a number of factors that contributed, including shared dreams, regular connection, and skills for handling conflict. Commitment to monogamy was not on the list.

Increasingly, people are discovering that non-monogamy can be a viable and sustainable way of being in relationship. Whether you are well versed in non-monogamy or just beginning to explore this option, I create space to explore what best fits your life and identity. I offer relationship therapy for non-monogamous individuals, couples and triads.*

*Note: While relationship configurations can involve more than 3 people, my office space limits the number of people I can comfortably work with at one time. 

Gender Non-Conforming & LGBT

I provide relationship therapy for gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual clients. I also work with relationships where one or more people are gender non-conforming.

In particular, I’m experienced in working with couples where one person is considering a gender transition. If you are concerned about navigating this tricky emotional territory with a partner, contact me to find out how I can help.